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      Welcome to the section where we focus on our members.   Here we have a gallery containing one cel chosen from the favorites of many of our members.   Being that these are favorites, they are definitely not for sale.   The gallery is sorted both by series title and by member handle in the sections to your left.   All members are listed by their first name in the order they submitted it.   Within the sections, the cels are in random order.   Please see the gallery updates page to your left for information on the latest member submissions.   If you are a member of JACML and would like to display a cel of your choice here (or update an entry), please see the instructions to the left.

      Also, we have links to all the other JACML homepage entires.   A while ago, we had a contest for the JACML page design.   Everyone submitted such wonderful work that we have decided to keep it on display.   Only a few designers chose to incorporate their design into their own pages. Unfortunately, some of the pages that were located outside of have disappeared.   If you were the creator of one of those pages and would like to have it linked here or you please email the site maintainers.   Also please do so if you would like your name attached to your entry.   Thanks to all those who particpated!


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