JACML rules and regulations

Members of the JACML are expected to follow certain protocol out of consideration for others. Listed here are the basics:

1.  Topic
This is the Japanese Animation Cels Mailing List.   Please do not send non-cel-related information or conversation to JACML.  Off topic conversations between two people that generate from JACML are best handled through email.

2.  Spam
Do not send junk email, chain letters, or any other sort of spam to the mailing list.  Of course, notices of cel sales and auctions are not spam.

3.  Images
Do no send image files to JACML.  Instead, post URLs or offer to send images via personal email.

4.  Flames
Messages consisting of nothing but foul words attacking other members of the list will not be tolerated.

5.  Disclaimer
JACML, Usagi's House, Usagi, Genrou, and Keys are not liable for any misinformation posted on JACML or any deals occuring because of JACML.  What you choose to do to and with your cels is your own business and we are not accountable.  JACML does not endorse any particular dealer or any particular practice.

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